Hi! Welcome to my secret page. 
Listen to my upcoming first single "MIND, BRAIN, BODY".

DELNUR is a dance/electronic music project by Brazilian producer and multi-instrumentalist Vic Delnur. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Vic was surrounded by synths, pianos and every other instrument you can imagine. His father -­maestro and producer, and mother -- singer and art-therapist, contributed early on to his passion for music. His unique expression comes from his strong Brazilian roots and his years living and playing music in London. Today, based in New York City, Vic launches his first solo project - Delnur. 
He navigates the intimate waters of anxiety, faith, relationships and life as an immigrant in a transformative manner and in the only way he knows how - through song. The lyrics are born from personal experiences and the sounds inspired by 80s era disco, funk, neo-soul, psychedelic and the flair of Brazilian music.